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Our team understands that data is the life blood of any successful organization. That is why customers look to us to maximize and safe guard the value of their data infrastructure.

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Over 1,000 Companies Trust Performance Tuning Corporation

Founded in 1997, we are an Oracle® Gold Partner deeply experienced in solving some of the most complex database and data integration challenges. We bring extensive cross-industry experience and proficiency across Oracle®’s Technology stack and Cloud Infrastructure to our clients, helping them drive business performance, reduce cost and serve their customers better.


Our Mission

Empower high performance companies through high performance data

PTC values

Our Values

Focus on the results of our customers. Everything we do must improve your business

PTC methodology

Our Methodology

The Performance Tuning “Outperform” methodology has been developed and tuned over more than 20 years

Services Overview

The depth and breadth of our core capabilities, enhanced by our value add services, enables us to support the growth, development and operational performance of your business

Performance Tuning Services Overview

For the past 25 years, led by our Oracle® Ace Director Ed Whalen, we've been helping our customers make the best use of their investments in Oracle software and more recently Oracle®'s cloud platform.

  • enterprise database services
    Enterprise Database Services

    We can help you manage your on-premise, colocated or hosted database infrastructure. Learn More

  • cloud database services
    Cloud Database Services

    Migrating your database to the cloud or between cloud providers? Our turnkey services are designed to mitigate risk, and to make the process efficient and predictable. Learn More

  • application migration
    Application Migration

    Migrating virtualized Oracle® business applications to new hardware or to the Oracle® cloud can be challenging. Our service is backed by years of virtualization experience centered around Oracle®'s business application software. Learn More

  • disaster recovery and backup
    Disaster Recovery & Backup

    As we like to say, data is the life blood of any successful business. This cannot be more true today with the sustained effort from bad actors to disrupt your business operations. Our services provide peace of mind that your data assets are protected and that your business is prepared to recover quickly from an unforseen event. Learn More

  • data integration
    Data Integration

    Whether you are populating a data warehouse for analytics and reporting or integrating business workflows for automation purposes, our team brings practical hands on experience with the latest technologies and concepts. Learn More

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